Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an admission fee during public shopping hours?  No, there is no fee on Saturday or Sunday.  However, if you choose to shop at The Early Bird Gets the Worm Pre-sale, there is a $10 admission fee which is donated to a chosen local charity.  Please see Home page and facbook for hours and information on charity.

What methods of payment to you accept?  Cash, checks ($45 fee for returned checks), MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.

How much will I earn on my items?  You will earn 65%, which is a great rate in the Consignment world. 

What if I'm too busy to price and tag my own items?   The Fairy Tag Mother will be happy to do it for you. You will earn 50% on the items that you sell. All your items must be ready for tagging at least 2 weeks prior to the sale.  Please reach out to Elizabeth and/or Michael to set up an appointment to drop off items.

 Is there a limit to the number of items I can consign?  No, you can enter as many as you would like.  However, for 99 items and under, consignors are charge a $10 registration fee.  For more than 99 items, you are charged an additional $10. 

 Are there items you will NOT accept?  Yes.  We do not accept stained, torn, recalled, unsafe, out-of-date, dusty, very wrinkled, smelly items.  Please refer to the What To Sell page.

 How do I know what to price my items?  We suggest pricing your item 1/3 to 1/2 of retail.  However, sometimes that can be too much or too little.  It's best to ask yourself, "What would I pay for this?"

 If I have consigned in previous shows, will I need to re-tag items?  No. You will need to transfer previous unsold items into the current sale in order to for them to be included in the new sale. This can be done from the "Manage Inventory" page.

 Will I need an appointment to drop off my items?  Yes. You will be prompted at Registration to choose an appointment time. 

 Do I have to pick up my unsold items?   Yes.  Pick up times will vary from show to show.  Please inquire about pick up times when you drop off your items.  However, if you do not pick up your items at the designated time after that sale (even if you did not choose "Donate"), your items will be donated.  No exceptions as we must be out of the facility  and cannot store your items.  

 What if I find an item missing?  There are several reasons this can occur...tag fell off (make sure your tags are secure), never dropped off, misplaced in another consignor's item, theft.  While theft has happened rarely, there is always that possibility. We do our best to keep our eyes open.  However, we cannot be held responsible for items lost before, during, or after the sale. We do our best to avoid loss of an item.