Tagging Your Items

You can begin preparing and tagging your items after you have registered for an user account. You must register on the website and choose a number to be recognized by our system.  We urge you to take time to familiarize yourself with our website and the tagging system. It's fast and easy to use. Don't be intimidated by this process. It will save you time. The online system allows you to manage your account by looking at your inventory, see what is and is not selling, and keeps up with how much money you are making!

We have a new service to help those who are short of time or are not computer savvy.  We will enter and tag your items for you but you must call two weeks ahead of the sale to schedule a time for this service.  Instead of 65% return of your earnings, there is a split of 50%. 



Home Decor

Furniture should be fully assembled and must be clean and dusted before bringing to check-in. Rugs should be clean and no ragged edges. Artwork should be dust-free. Lamps should have light bulbs removed. If there is history related to an item, please attach in written form. It will sell faster with as much information as possible. Please consign only items that are up-to-date and in good shape. No torn or stained upholstered items. Items will be inspected before being approved for sale

Clothing & Accessories

All clothing should be on hangers. Children's clothing should be on children's hangers, otherwise the appearance of the item is distorted. Hook of hanger should be pointing to the left when facing item, like a question mark. Secure tags with safety pins to the front right shoulder or right front pocket of pants (again, while facing item). No straight pins and no tape on clothing. All items should be clean, pressed, dust-free, spot-free, and smoke-free. Again, no stained items, please. Two-piece sets should be secured with a rubber band around top of hangers.

Shoes should be tied, zip-tied, or secured with ribbon.  If they cannot be tied, place in zip-lock bag, secured by safety pinning tag through bag, laces, or zip-tie. Please do not put tape on tag on bottom of shoes.

Toys & Games

All toys and games must include all pieces and be in working order. Include small pieces in zippered plastic bags and tape over the zipper opening. Please make sure toys have not been recalled by calling Federal Safety at 1-800-424-9393 or check website WeMakeItSafer.com.

Please clean your toys before consigning them. Assembling items promotes selling the item. If item is too large to assemble, a picture will do. Video Games, CD's, DVD's, and books may have tags taped using painter's tape.

Infant Furniture & Equipment

Playpens, high chairs, cribs, strollers, etc must be in proper working condition. Please be sure infant equipment has not been recalled by calling Federal Safety at the number above or checking WeMakeItSafer.com. We do not accept car seats or cribs with drop down sides. Pack-N-Plays with "V" style collapsible sides are not accepted.  Cribs, beds, and Pack-N-Plays sell much faster when assembled. This assures the shopper to see item as it will be used.